Starting a Deck Build?

Starting a deck construction project can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Usually, the first step is creating a design that will fit your budget and appearance. Generally we will want to talk about any expectations, budgetary concerns, or past projects/ideas that have caught your eye. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us!
Once we have a clear understanding of the size and scope of your custom deck project, and have confirmed the materials and options, we will design the deck to your needs and wants. We can provide you with 3D renderings that will help you visualize your deck and the landscape around it and we can provide you with 2D deck permit drawings to get your project approved by your city.

Looking for Deck drawings to get your project approved by the city?

You came to the right place. We have a very professional and experienced team with over 15 years experience of designing and drafting residential decks. We price our permit drawings at a fair rate so you can get your project moving along without causing damage to your bank account. Fair rate with high quality designs and attention to detail.

Looking for 3D renderings?

3D renderings will help you visualize your outdoor space with your new deck addition before you start the build process. This can be a very important decision to make sure your new deck is exactly how you want it before it’s too late. Our clients are always happy with our designs and we will make sure you are too.

What’s Included in Our Professional Deck Design?

The deck design from American Construction Consulting can include any or all of the following:

* The aerial layout of your deck that includes all the measurements drawn to scale. 

* Complete drawings and representations of important components like stairs, railings, skirting, as well as other features. 

* Revisions of the original design or drawing.

* 3D rendering of deck space from different angles.

Our drawings can be used to speed up the construction phase, come up with more accurate list of materials and simplify the process of permit application. You can also use the deck design you will get from us to compare quotations and assess our knowledge and expertise.

Disclaimer : Designs are created by non licensed professionals. Most states do not require engineer stamp for permit approval. Check with your city before proceeding with permit drawings.