Pool Designs


The weather’s heating up, and you have grand ambitions to add an in-ground swimming pool to your property this summer. Of course, you already know this is going to require more work than just digging a pit and filling it with water, but you might not know exactly how to get started with this particular renovation project. When it comes to building on your property, different cities and counties have various regulations and rules. No matter what size pool you choose, in ground or above, building permits are required for all shapes and sizes of pools. However, the larger the pool, the more guidelines will apply. These guidelines and permits exist to protect you and your home, so it’s important that they are followed and adhered to. It’s vital to submit a permit application, a site plan, and a pool plan detail to your local city/county before the construction project begins. For example, if your property is in a flood zone, an engineer will need to create and sign off on a new drainage plan to protect your property and the others around you. American Construction Consulting are expert designers for permit drawings. Don’t waste any time, contact us to get your pool project underway. 

Disclaimer : Designs are created by non licensed professionals. Most cities do not require engineer stamp for permit approval. Check with your city before proceeding with permit drawings. 

Beautiful 3D Technology Pool Designs

At American Construction Consulting, we use the top 3D technology in our industry to bring you realistic designs of how your pool will look before it’s built! You’ll be able to see every detail of your future pool and how it will fit in your backyard.

Envision Your New Pool With 3D Design Software

We use professional 3D design software that allows you to see your new pool before it’s even built. With our designs, you will be fully immersed in your future backyard. 

You will be able to see every detail in real-time 3D to clearly and accurately experience the layout of your new backyard. Design choices that are hard to imagine such as the surface, color and the pool interior come to life in full-color 3D making it easy to see your options and choose. This gives you the confidence that even the smallest detail is perfect before any construction ever begins.

Benefits of 3D Designs Include

Add Value to Your Home or Business With a New Pool