Unlocking the Magic of Our Landscape & Architecture Rendering Services

Our outdoor living rendering services bring your vision to life, ensuring the perfect harmony between architecture and the surrounding environment. With meticulous attention to detail and expertise in outdoor living design, we create stunning visualizations that leave a lasting impression. Our rendering services elevate your projects, ensuring stunning visuals that capture attention. Experience the transformative power of our rendering services and unlock the full potential of your projects. Outdoor living has become a way of life and we can design the perfect space to fit your needs and wants.
Spend more time outside than inside with a custom patio designed by American Construction Consulting. Instead of upgrading to a larger home, many of own customers choose to expand their living space outdoors. Homeowners therefore invest in larger patios that are more luxurious and more sheltered. Outdoor patios are geared towards entertaining and relaxing. A well-designed patio will not only add additional living space to your home, but it will also increase its property value.
Your patio landscaping therefore becomes central to your outdoor living space. You will need an appealing and professional-looking patio that is well-designed. There are countless patio designs to choose from and we will work with you to create a custom-made project that is tailored to your needs.
Whether you prefer a landscape suited for outdoor dining or a patio landscape that is suited for sunbathing, we will create the perfect design for you. We will create your design in 3D to help you visualize your space before you build. 

What is 3D design?

3D design refers to the use of three-dimensional modeling and rendering techniques to create realistic visual representations of architecture, outdoor spaces, gardens, landscapes, and hardscapes. It involves digitally constructing a 3D model of the architecture or landscape, including terrain, vegetation, buildings, water features, and other elements. The 3D modeling software allows for precise placement and arrangement of objects, realistic material and texture mapping, and accurate lighting simulation to create lifelike and immersive visualizations. 3D rendering is used by landscape designers, architects, and homeowners to visualize and explore landscaping ideas, assess design options, and present their concepts to clients or stakeholders with enhanced clarity and realism.